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Click Here to download a video of the latest Gemini Electric Motor. The file size is 29.2 Mb and works in RealPlayer. The Gemini Electric Motor in the video is 210mm outside diameter running at 4000+ R.P.M.


  awarded to the 


   for Innovation Excellence at 

    INPEX. May 2004, held at

            Pittsburgh, U.S.A. 

also a Gold Medal awarded to the Ettridge Commutator at the International Exhibition for Inventions and New Product held in Geneva, Switzerland. March 2004.

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The revolutionary and yet simple design of the GEMINI promises to become the world's most energy efficient electric motor and generator.

The GEMINI produces optimum rotational power and torque by using BOTH sides of the energised coil, and it does so without consuming any additional energy.

The GEMINI achieves its outstanding performance by providing in its ingenious design, THREE separate energy fields. Two fields contribute to rotational power and torque, while the third produces independent electricity from normally unused electromagnetic fields within the motor.

The electricity generated by this third field could be used to recharge the GEMINI's battery power source or be fed back into the motor, thus reducing the energy demand from the power source. On electric vehicles this additional power generation could be used to run devices such as lights and horns.

We believe that the GEMINI is the only motor in the world today with the above features. Of particular relevance is its ability to generate power at all times while the motor is under load. Such a feature gives the GEMINI an exclusive advantage over other electric motors.

As a generator of electricity, the GEMINI's twin magnetic fields will greatly increase its electricity generating output.









Click here to download an animation of the exploded view of the Gemini Electric Motor. The file is 5.47 MB, and requires a Pentium 4 processor or equivalent, and Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, or the latest Real Player.